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COVID-19 has reached almost every country across the globe and claimed thousands of lives. Scientists are scrambling for ways to prevent and treat the illness and put an end to the pandemic.

More and more people are taking interest in the many holistic ways to fight COVID-19. An holistic approach means taking care of yourself and your body in its entirety, as opposed to focusing on a few parts and purposes. Essentially, it calls for healthier options through natural remedies.

Strengthening your body through exercise, proper nutrition, homeopathy, and some other holistic ways can help reduce the effects or eliminate altogether some pre-existing health concerns, and thus help you become less susceptible to the virus. This rings true because, according to reports, individuals with underlying health conditions such as hypertension, chronic lung diseases, and cardiovascular diseases have a higher risk of contracting it.  

Here are some holistic ways to help you fight COVID-19:

Proper Nutrition and Right Amount of Exercise

Proper nutrition is extremely important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Getting plenty of fruits and vegetables strengthens the immune response to certain diseases. Some diseases are heavily caused by the underlying diet of people such as those with a high-carb diet.

Sticking to a diet that provides adequate vital nutrition to the body, or a diet that is prescribed by a nutrition specialist can help you avoid certain diseases. Pairing it with the right amount of exercise is also vital. So if you ever get hit by diseases such as COVID-19, it will be a lot easier for your body to fight it naturally. A nutritionist in Broomfield, CO can help guide you through the process of eating healthier.

Basic Preventive Measures

Maintaining good health also means following the basic preventive measures in preventing diseases. This includes practicing proper handwashing, getting adequate sleep, avoiding smoke and alcohol, and taking supplements.

Proper Handwashing

Washing our hands properly is one of the most basic and holistic ways to fight COVID-19. The coronavirus is killed by simply washing our hands with soap and water, preventing further damage and complications to our body.

Adequate Sleep

Having an adequate amount of sleep can improve immune function. People who sleep less every day are more likely to develop symptoms of infections that cause common colds and other diseases.

Avoiding Smoking and Drinking Alcohol in Moderation

Smoking and heavy consumption of alcohol makes people more susceptible to infections and can sometimes lead to complications in the respiratory system. Not smoking and moderate alcohol consumption can give your respiratory system a fighting chance to prevent COVID-19.


While there is no definitive answer yet if vitamins and supplements can help one protect from COVID-19, it is worth noting that supplements have immune-boosting properties. For example, Vitamin C has been used for decades to prevent catching viruses that cause common colds. Taking certain vitamins and supplements, recommended by a nutrition specialist, may help boost the immune system naturally.


Ask your trusted FIT Chiropractic & Wellness Center nutritionist in Broomfield, CO for ways to help you optimize your immunity during the coronavirus pandemic.

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