What Our Patients are Saying

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Aaron Higa

All around great experience. Dr. Kenyon is a professional who listens to his patients – amazingly personable and capable! Came in with neck and back issues. He recommends products, has great equipment at his office, and teaches me things to continually help at home.

Keith Hopkins

Caring and compassionate care. Not rough and takes the time to loosen the spine on a roller bed prior to adjustment. Also very good with dry needling. Highly recommend them.

Valerie Trujillo

Always there when we need them! Great friendly service always.

Michael Jaramillo

Highly recommend Dr. Kenyon. He took the time to get to know my past, and asked the right questions to really understand what all could be going on with my body/back/neck. He didn’t just adjust me and reschedule. He really cares about your overall health, well-being, and getting you back to living pain free. Has gone way above and beyond when I’ve had some extreme pain issues. Couldn’t say enough good things about him, or the way he handles his business.

Susan Montoya – Sledge

Dr. Brian Kenyon is professional, caring and knowledgeable. He not only treats but teaches, in order to assist his patients to full independence and their best outcome. I am very grateful for the help he gave me and recommend him highly.

Fernando Yuste

Love the GForce vibration equipment!!!! Feels good!!!!

Sue Claxton

Each professional in the FIT group is a knowledgeable, caring, exceptional person. I always feel tons better after my appointments

Rod Arreola

I feel so much better!! I’ve been going to Dr. Brian Kenyon now for over 5 years. He has done wonders with my back and he has really changed my life. His treatments have allowed me to continue to stay active and I can still do the things I love like snowboard, golf, run, tennis and basketball. He’s used various services to treat my back and body in addition to chiro, including vacuum therapy, dry needling and vibration plate therapy. Now only has he been really effective, but he’s also a great guy.

I highly recommend FIT!

Glenn Hattem

I came into Brian’s office about 5 years ago and worked with one of his chiropractors and had a good experience. I returned about year ago for a neck issue, which Brian resolved himself. I continue to visit both Brian and Toby (Acupuncturist) and their passage therapists as needed, because I am very active as a fitness professional. I highly recommend their skillets and professionalism at their facility. Most importantly, they care about me! They have helped me so much, as well as my girlfriend and many of my clients I’ve referred…get restored to optimal wellness.

Brian Kenyon

My favorite part about FIT is helping people figure out what is going on & what treatment options are available to them. We have such a wide variety of treatment options available as well as a high quality referral network that we can help most everyone get going in the right direction.

Lawrence Stair

I injured my knee and went in to see their Acupuncturist. He did amazing work, using electrotherapy, heat and cupping to reduce pain and swelling. It also increased my mobility. Fantastic – I highly recommend.

Chrissy Koslowski

Professional and effective chiropractic adjustments. Dr Kenyon is very well-trained and fixes my headaches instantly. Highly recommend Dr Kenyon!

Nicholas Browdues

I auditioned several chiro’s when I moved to the Denver/Boulder area before settling on FIT in Broomfield. Brian has helped me identify things in my environment that triggered the pain, and has always worked with me throughout changes in jobs/insurance etc. He genuinely cares about finding the root cause and addressing the underlying issue. Highly recommended.

Jerry Anderson

Massage – Excellent! 🙂
Chiropractic – Fair 🙁
Overall – Very Good

I have had extremely good results from multiple massage therapists at FIT Wellness Center. Whomever (Tara Quinan?) runs the massage department is extremely good at hiring excellent, knowledgeable, empathetic massage therapists. FIT Wellness Center is by far the best place I’ve ever been to for massages.

For me, the results from chiropractic care didn’t work out as well as the massage therapy. Dr. Brian Kenyon impressed me as a good, caring man who sincerely wanted to help his patients. However, I also felt a bit as if I were on a factory line for creating charges – going from station A, to station B, to station C. If the results had been great I might have been less sensitive to the charge factory feeling, but my problem – apparently a tendency to get knotted Trapezius and/or Rhomboid muscles – didn’t respond well to chiropractic care.

Lastly, Dr. Kenyon caused some damage to my ribs. It probably was not a broken rib, but was certainly at least a badly strained ligament, or something like that. The pain forced me to quit chiropractic care, and it was a month or two before I quit feeling twinges of pain in my ribs.

Summary: FIT Wellness Center is a great place for massages. The chiropractic care didn’t work out for me, but I believe Dr. Kenyon is a sincere, caring man who might be able to work wonders for you.

Perry Fletcher

Great experience at Fit Chiropractic with Dr. Brian Kenyon! I went in to have stress from my lower back relieved. I was scanned using the digital xray machine and underwent a full consultation before my first session began. Dr. Kenyon and I went over the images of the x-rays. Dr. Kenyon reviewed the condition of my spine and posture. Next, I started my 1st session which incorporated his roller table and posture pump. He then stretched me out on his chiro table. I really liked this because my lower back is usually tight and this relieved some of the tightness and made me feel more limber. Next came the popping of my back. Again, after the session I felt much more limber and much of the pain was relieved from my lower back. I have already schedule my next appointment with Brian at Fit Wellness!

Larry Stair

I have experienced amazing results after starting treatment at the FIT Wellness Center. I have utilized the chiropractic, massage and acupuncture treatments. They have all been amazing and beneficial. My back pain is now negligible. Thank you all!