Toby practices Traditional Chinese Medicine with a specialty in the treatment of musculoskeletal injury (Orthopedics and Sports Medicine). He has an extensive knowledge of anatomy and the use of trigger and motor point therapies, which respond to acupuncture very well.

Toby has also been trained in Medical massage (Shiatsu and Tuina). He has also been trained in Five Element, Meridian and Japanese acupuncture theories. Modalities of treatment include needling, massage, cupping, electrical stimulation and injection therapy.

In his twenties Toby spent five years studying Native American energy work healing techniques, which he fuses with his acupuncture.

As well as pain management and injury recovery, Toby treats internal health issues including but not limited to: insomnia, depression, anxiety, gastro intestinal issues, respiratory disorders, urinary and reproductive complaints as well as addiction problems.

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